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An image from the Rollerama roller skating launch party on June 24th 2023 featuring owner Sarah Andros and two ladies on stilts dressed up with rainbows.

JUNE 24th 2023 Launch Party!

The Rollerrama 2023 launch party was an incredible celebration of roller skating and community spirit in Kalamunda, Perth. It brought together people of all ages and abilities, creating an inclusive and joyous atmosphere. From skilled skaters showcasing their impressive moves to beginners finding their footing on the rink, the energy was contagious. The air was filled with laughter, cheers, and the sound of wheels gliding across the floor. It was a memorable night, highlighting the power of roller skating to unite and create lasting memories. Rollerrama continues to be a vibrant hub for roller skating enthusiasts in Perth, providing a welcoming space for everyone to embrace the thrill and fun of this timeless activity.

Two smiling attendees to the launch party.
A young boy skating on the rink under the colourful disco lights.
An image of a man's ankle showing a tattoo of rollerskaters.
An image of a man speed skating under the disco lights.
An image of a happy girl smiling and posing with her roller skates on.
An image of a happy girl smiling over the games at Rollerrama.
A happy image of staff holding roller skates.
A vinyl player with a Rolleramma lit up sign.
A group of young children skating on the roller rink.
Two kids holding hands and skating on the roller rink.
Two young girls holding hands and skating on the rink.
Host, Sarah Andros is speaking on the mic on the rink at the launch of Rollerrama.
Kids playing limbo at roller skating rink at Rollerrama
A woman skating under the lights on the roller rink under the disco lights.
The Rollerrama roller skating rink filled with people of all ages coming together to celebrate the launch of this rink in Kalamunda.
An artistic shot of a young female holding a pose on skates with her knee in the air, under the disco lights on the roller skating rink.
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